Author: JamiMarie

Erin + Dustin

When some of your best friends in the whole world tell you that they are moving to Arizona, first you cry a little, and then you immediately start planning your first (of many) trips to visit them.

My husband, Jon, and I counted down the days to this trip for months. We crossed a lot of things off of our bucket list while we were there…see the Grand Canyon, spend time in Sedona, go mountain biking in the desert (Jon, not me), and most exciting of all  – shoot a photo session in the desert!

All the different greens, and cacti, this gorgeous couple, and dreamy sunlight had this Minnesota girl swooning. I can’t wait for our next trip out to Scottsdale! Kuchera Blog-1a ScottsdalePortrait-02 ScottsdalePortrait-03 ScottsdalePortrait-04 ScottsdalePortrait-05 ScottsdalePortrait-06 ScottsdalePortrait-07 ScottsdalePortrait-08 ScottsdalePortrait-09 ScottsdalePortrait-10 ScottsdalePortrait-11 ScottsdalePortrait-12 ScottsdalePortrait-13 ScottsdalePortrait-14 ScottsdalePortrait-15 ScottsdalePortrait-16 ScottsdalePortrait-17 ScottsdalePortrait-18 ScottsdalePortrait-19 ScottsdalePortrait-20 ScottsdalePortrait-21 ScottsdalePortrait-22 ScottsdalePortrait-23 ScottsdalePortrait-24 ScottsdalePortrait-25 ScottsdalePortrait-26 ScottsdalePortrait-27 ScottsdalePortrait-28 ScottsdalePortrait-29 ScottsdalePortrait-30 ScottsdalePortrait-31 ScottsdalePortrait-32 ScottsdalePortrait-33 ScottsdalePortrait-34 ScottsdalePortrait-35 ScottsdalePortrait-36 ScottsdalePortrait-37 ScottsdalePortrait-38 ScottsdalePortrait-39 ScottsdalePortrait-40